This house can be found on the corner of 11th and Central in Ocean City.

First the old aluminum siding was removed and disposed of. Then, new CertainTeed Cedar Impressions Perfection Shake, Naturals Collection Cedar Blend was installed. The windows surrounds were covered with PVC coated aluminum with crown molding installed.  The front porch roof was extended a bit to mimic the older style of the house and custom PVC boards were installed to the fascias along with PVC corbels. The porch posts were replaced and new recessed PVC column wraps were installed over the posts. A vinyl half rail was installed to the porch roof to mimic a widows walk. Custom PVC boards were also installed to all of the 3rd floor dormers. The old worn pergola in the rear of the home was removed and a new maintenance free vinyl pergola was installed.

Thanks to the homeowner for putting together this awesome slide show that shows the amazing transformation of the house from beginning to end !!!