First East Coast Install for CertainTeed Apollo Solar Roofing!

Shore Solar Energy, a Division of Shore Siding Inc, is proud to announce the very first East Coast installation of CertainTeed Solar’s new Apollo Solar Roof Integrated Panel! While this same technology has been installed on the West Coast and Hawaii, it was only introduced into certain East Coast markets in the 4th quarter of 2011.

The CertainTeed Solar Apollo system consists of a roof “integrated” panel. With this installation there is no need for a racking system to attach the panels to your roof. Apollo actually becomes part of your roof, replacing an area of traditional asphalt shingles. Because Apollo is designed to be a part of your roof and it weighs about the same as asphalt shingles, there is no need for structural reinforcements as there may be with the traditional rack mounted system. Being that there is no racking system needed Apollo also eliminates the extra roof penetrations caused by the racks being installed on top of your asphalt shingles. For more information please visit out solar page – Shore Solar Energy

Factoid: New Jersey is the second largest installer of solar behind California in the United States ! Top 10 Solar States 12/11

This installation took place at the Baybridge Condos located at 201 W.9th St in Ocean City,NJ. The Baybridge Condos are the very last building in Ocean City before you head out of town via the 9th St bridge so you can’t miss this sleek looking solar panel!

CertainTeed Solar technicians were on hand throughout to assist and oversee the installation of the 4.368 kW system that was designed to provide power for the condo’s common area. Shore Solar Energy has been through various trainings with CertainTeed Solar prior to this install and continues to train through institutes such as Solar Energy International.

Shore Solar Energy services the South New Jersey region. If you have any questions or would like a free solar site evaluation please contact us at 609-399-1837 or email