Tired of painting those wood rails? Sick of staining that wood deck and getting splinters in your feet every time you walk on it? Then replace all of that old wood with maintenance free railings and decking! Need to replace that old stair tower on the side of your home? No problem.

Shore Siding installs the newest and best in composite and vinyl decking. We are Wolf Pro Installers, certified through Wolf Home Products.

Tired of the old, leaky fiberglass deck? Shore Siding Inc. can take care of that for you as well! We only use pol-urea spray on coating to waterproof decks.

The main benefits are that the material is not rigid like fiberglass, is self-leveling and applied all at once. Because it is sprayed on, the poly-urea can get into areas fiberglass cannot.

Also, with the houses being built on a barrier island with sandy soil, the house and decks usually settle at different rates. Poly-urea flexes and expands when fiberglass does not, which prevents cracking that generally happens at the deck to wall area, or around large support columns.

Stairs and landings are also items that need attention and can often be overlooked until it is too late. Don’t let that happen to you! With all of the duplexes that have exterior stairs, they not only take a beating from the weather, but people as well. Unsafe stairs can make for an unhappy trip to the hospital. We can repair your existing stairs or better yet, replace them and make them maintenance free.

We install vinyl rails in various styles, pipe rails, aluminum rails, powder coated aluminum rails, glass rails and steel cable. Basically we can provide you with rails that fit your budget and design needs.

Not only can we replace your worn decking and rails, but with our skilled carpenters we can build you a deck from the ground up! We can work with you and architects to come up with the deck of your dreams.  Also no need to worry about zoning and building permits, as we take care of it all.

And if you are looking for a maintenance free outdoor shower or trash bin…yeah we do them as well!