Installing new siding to your home is one of the easiest ways to not only beautify your home, but to also add value !

Having siding installed on your home for the first time can be a daunting task. We know this. We have been dealing with customers for over 20 years and have had every possible question and situation thrown at us in the process. Our track record over our 35 years in business has proven we have the knowledge and know-how to not only install your siding correctly, but to help you through the process from start to finish.

To help ease the process, here are 8 questions you should ask of every Siding Contractor before you make a decision;

  1. What is the full name and address of the company ?
  2. Does the company carry insurance ?
  3. Is the company licensed ?
  4. More importantly, is the company credentialed ?
  5. How long has the company been in business ?
  6. Will the company provide referrals or references from previous jobs ?
  7. What is the company’s workmanship warranty ?
  8. What is the company’s track record for solving customer complaints ?

Can the contractor who is giving you the estimate answer all of these questions ? If they can’t, why not ?

Shore Siding, Inc. will be more than happy to address these questions for you , and any other questions you might have.

Remember, just because you get a lower estimate from another company, that does not mean it is the one you should go with. Take this customer of ours for example;

Well, our siding problems are over. Our only regret is that we did not go with Shore Siding originally. we, unfortunately, took the low bid and paid the price with shoddy workmanship, delays and finally legal action. We still have not recovered our losses.

– RP Stoll (on file at office)

Unfortunately we hear of these problems quite often. A company does not stay in business for 25 plus years if that is the way they treat customers.

Shore Siding Inc. is not only well versed in the installation of vinyl siding, but also James Hardie Siding and wood siding as well.

Each style of siding has its own set of nuances when it comes to installation. An installer cannot treat all varieties of siding the same. This goes for the accompanying trim as well!

Click on the links below and it will take you to the different styles of siding we install.

Windows and Doors

Tired of that squeaky patio door that is a pain to open ? Are your windows letting more of the elements in than they are keeping out? Then it’s time to upgrade to new windows and doors!

Shore Siding installs replacement and new installation doors/windows from fine manufacturers like Andersen Doors and Windows, Therma-Tru Doors and Silverline Windows.

Stop by our showroom to see actual windows and to browse one of the many catalogs we have. Then let us give you an always free estimate to replace those old, drafty windows and door.