Ocean City Builders Division – Renovations

Looking for additional room but don’t want to move? Want to change the exterior look of your home or outdoor living area ? Then why not think about doing an addition to gain that extra bedroom or living area.

Or how about adding a covered outdoor porch area and some eyebrow roofs to the exterior of the home. Additions and exterior renovations are not only a great way to get extra space or to dress up your home, but they also add value as well!

Lagoon Front Sun Canopy

Stenton Pl Renovation Under Construction

This project is currently under construction.

The homeowner wanted to add an extra bedroom and bathroom, plus open up the 2 existing bedrooms on the 3rd floor. For comfort, a new HVAC system was installed that will service the 3rd floor only

In addition to that, a wrap around deck was created along the front of the house, connecting to the existing deck on the side. A new entrance was added to the east side along with a spiral staircase that allows access to all three floors.

Be sure to check back and see the finished product!